Welcome to Kael Coffey Photography!

I am so glad you are here! 

My photography journey started long ago, albeit very slowly. As a child, long before the age of the smart phone, I loved using my 35mm (with actual film!) to capture memories. I was young and the film game was tricky, so a solid 80% of those images were not very good ones. I still have piles of developed photos to sort through and--sadly--throw away. I usually don't have any trouble tossing things that are no longer of use, but photos are a rare exception. I always loved photos because--I will fully admit--my long-term memory often fails me, but my photos do not!

Fast forward to 2010 and the birth of my first child. I had a very strong instinct, as most parents do, to document his every first. I wanted to remember everything but I knew I had baby fog hanging over my head (and that pesky, unreliable long-term memory issue too). I had a decent point and shoot digital camera by this point, but during his first year I took the plunge and purchased my first DSLR from Costco, because who doesn't love a Costco deal? I was still teaching at the time, while also raising an infant, so the shiny new camera didn't get as much use as it could have for a few years. And, I certainly didn't know much about how to operate it outside of "auto" mode, nor did I have the time and energy to learn. Pregnant with child #2 in 2013, I decided to leave my teaching career to raise my kids full-time before they went off to school. This also meant that I was there to capture every "first" for my second too. Even so, I was still stuck in "auto". 

Eventually, the stars finally aligned and I took my first photography class. I was immediately hooked; I would master the world of the DSLR, no matter how long it took! Thanks to my (mostly) cooperative family, and some amazing friends, I have fallen deeper in love with the magic of my camera since my first class. I've started Kael Coffey Photography to share that magic with you in a fun, affordable, and beautiful way. 

Just as in my own family photos, I want to create photographs for my clients that show the love between family members, the tenderness of a quiet moment, and the joy of a shared laugh. I hope I can help you capture photos of your family that you will love forever!